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Birth Years 2009-2011

Jan 9, 2024 - May 24, 2024


The goals of our Middle School Competitive program are:

  • To give an introduction to the sport of rowing

  • To learn basic technical skills and proper boat handling while developing fitness

  • To introduce young athletes to all aspects of rowing.

  • To provide a safe environment

  • To have fun on and off the water


The program is designed to prepare young athletes to successfully train and race on the NSBR  Competitive Youth Teams (known as the Juniors/Junior Team). Mature 8th graders will have the opportunity to join the Junior Team, which practices 15-18 hours a week. Those wishing to be on a competitive team, but are either too young or do not have the ability to commit the time necessary for the Junior Team can join the Competitive Middle School Team. The Competitive Middle School Team will follow a similar structure to the Junior Team, but will we only ask athletes to commit to training only 4 days a week and racing less frequently. 

We try to spend some time on the water every day. Some days when it is too windy, too wet or the air quality poor, we will schedule other activities; maybe go for a run, do team bonding activities, have an indoor rowing relay race, throw in some core-strengthening and some flexibility work and watch videos of rowing races, or a myriad other activities developed by our creative coaches to teach the critical skills needed to be proficient on the water. Time spent on land activities is just as important as time on the water in developing friendships, teamwork and an appreciation and understanding of the sport.



The Competitive Middle School team will practice and train in all boat classes, with the main event in the Spring being the U15 Quad with coxswain.

The Middle School Competitive Team will have the opportunity to race in a few races throughout the year with some select athletes attending the Southwest Youth Regional Championships in May, where they may qualify for Youth Nationals. Any 8th grade athletes born in 2009 or earlier may train with the competitive middle school team, but will not be eligible to race in the spring of 2024 due to age restrictions.


What To Bring

Tennis shoes, sunscreen, water bottle (plastic), sunscreen, hat/visor, shorts and tank/tee. 

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