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The Newport Sea Base, a division of the Orange County Boy Scouts of America, was built in 1937, and has served tens of thousands of youth in far-reaching maritime education and boating courses. Newport Sea Base Rowing is dedicated to the belief that the sport of rowing provides unique opportunities to promote personal and community growth through teamwork, discipline, character and leadership development, and physical fitness. We are committed to making these opportunities equally available to all regardless of race, color or background. NSBR provides rowing for all ages and all skill levels.

Located in Newport Beach, an internationally recognized location for rowing, NSBR is committed to its mission of enriching the greater community and provides broad-based programs for youth and adults of all skill levels - from novice to elite.

Since its inception in 2014 , NSBR has provided education and training to:

  • Youth (boys and girls) from local middle schools and high schools

  • Adults of all levels of ability through recreational and competitive programs

  • Olympians and National Team Rowers

  • National Championships medalists in adult and youth competitive teams


A reputation for excellence and outstanding accomplishments in the sport has made NSBR the place to row in Orange County.


Rowing changes lives. At the Newport Sea Base, we are dedicated to fostering a community that is both welcoming and supportive. Under the banner of Rowing for All, we make rowing accessible without regard to individual ability, race, color, background or experience. We seek to raise the standard of rowing programs through internal excellence and to share our knowledge and expertise with others for the advancement of the sport at all levels.


14 boats sent to USRowing Junior National Championships




Highlights Since 2016

16 medals earned at USRowing Southwest Junior Championships

1 medal earned at USRowing Junior National Championships

4 medals earned at World Indoor 

Rowing Champs 


8 members who have made the USA National Team

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