2021-22 SEASON

AUG 23, 2021 - MAY 27, 2022


The Newport Sea Base Rowing Under-19 Competitive Youth Program is a year-round, high-performance racing team for experienced high school-aged athletes. The team focus is on training in preparation for competition at the Youth National Championships, which will take place June 6-12, 2022 in Sarasota, FL.



All athletes interested in the Competitive Youth program will be asked to register for an initial assessment period consisting of the first four weeks of the season. During this assessment period we will collect some physical data: height, weight, arm span, etc. We will conduct tests of basic strength, fitness and athleticism and ask general questions designed to elicit each athlete's reasons for rowing on the team.  Athletes will be evaluated on their rowing, running, coxing, erging, general fitness, attendance, motivation, coachability and sportsmanship. After the assessment period, the coaches will determine which athletes will be invited to join the team for the remainder of the Fall season. 


Program Prerequisite 

The NSBR Competitive Youth Program is open to athletes by completing at least one season of first-year rowing, or by demonstrating the necessary maturity, skillset, strength, fitness to move up to Varsity.

Sign Up/Registration

All participants must register in our online marketplace, submitting initial required documents including the medical forms and the parental release form. Program participation fees are due before commencing participation in the

Regatta Trip Fees

Regatta trip fees are in addition to standard program fees.  Payment notices will be posted approximately 14 days before the event and should be paid before the day of the event.


Attendance Policy:

Our program is growing and we have more athletes rowing, so it is important that our coaches are well-prepared to run practice. To facilitate this, we are asking that all athletes give us at least two weeks advance notice of a missed practice. This will assist our coaches to come prepared with the line-ups and equipment needed for each day already assembled. If an athlete is included in a line-up and misses practice without notifying the coach, the athlete’s crew will not be able to go on the water that day and the offending athlete will be held accountable at the coach's discretion.


In the event that you have an emergency and you are unable to provide two weeks advance notice please attempt to notify the coach via email, text message, or phone call at least 24 hours before practice.

Rowing is a team sport. For optimal team performance, a crew needs to practice together to prepare for competition. Therefore, being absent from practice will be taken into account when determining race line-ups.


Regattas are mandatory. If you miss a practice you may not be boated for the next regatta.

Clothing & Gear

Newport Sea Base Rowing will provide all returning Competitive Youth members with:

  • 1 Anetik UV Protectant hooded long sleeve shirt

  • 1 Pair of 776BC athletic tights

  • 1 Nike team Polo

All Newport Sea Base Competitive Youth athletes must purchase the following from the 776BC Team Store:

  • 1 Practice unisuit

  • 1 Race unisuit -- Blue for women's team rowers and coxswains; White for men's team rowers & coxswains (female and male)

  • 1 Hat or visor

  • 1 Base layer long sleeve shirt -- White for women's team; Blue for men's team)

  • Any optional gear you desire

Practicing in a unisuit or a tank top with spandex shorts is strongly encouraged. All athletes will have to purchase their own Shimano rowing shoes (linked here) which they should label clearly and bring to all practices and races. Good running shoes are an important investment for healthy athletes and should be brought to practice each day. It is important to make sure that proper clothing is always available as conditions vary.

Appropriate clothing each day should include:

  • Wicking, close-fitting athletic gear

  • Visor or hat (NSBR hats are available for purchase)

  • Sunglasses

  • Rain gear

  • Warm/dry clothes to change into after practice


When appropriate, athletes should also bring or wear sunblock and bug spray.

Serious athletes should obtain a heart rate monitor to better monitor the quality and intensity of their training.


Clothing Policy:

All athletes are expected to keep their torso and midriff covered at all times when not actively working out and at all times when middle schoolers and summer campers are present. Athletes are expected to immediately cover their torso and midriff when requested by a coach, chaperone, parent, other adult, another athlete or any other person. Excessive modification of clothing to shorten or be more revealing is prohibited.


Financial Aid:

Rowing is an expensive sport, but we do not want financial considerations to keep athletes from participating. For these situations, we do have a modest amount of financial aid available. To apply please fill out and mail/turn in the form linked below. All information provided will remain confidential.

Click Here for Financial Aid Form