New Masters Coach Announcement

I am pleased to announce that Dave Nealey is our new Masters Competitive team coach. Dave, a former elite-level rower, lives locally and is eager to return to the sport after an absence of several years. In addition to being a top, top rower, Dave has coached at his alma mater, Oregon State University and at the University of Washington.

A big thank you to Garinn for his great work for the past couple of years. We wish Garinn all the best as he shifts focus onto his heavy school load.

Saloni will continue as our Masters Novice/Recreational coach. We are looking at the possibility of separating the Masters Novices and the Skilled Recreational Masters to create more opportunities for everyone to enjoy their rowing experience.

Until then Kristine will continue to provide support as needed to Dave and Saloni.

Let's all give Dave a huge Sea Base welcome to our coaching family.

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