Head of the American

Head of the American in Lake Natoma is on October 26th-27th. Please make sure you athlete confirms in iCrew whether they plan to attend this event. Fees will be posted shortly for this travel regatta. This is for JUNIORS ONLY.

Click this link if you WILL attend the Head of the American on October 26/27:  https://www.icrew.club/sessionattendancechange.php?crewOrg=NSBR&crewPlanSAID=73e1ca1c-e799-44a9-b3a5-0dc82e07a843&inout=1

Click this link if you CANNOT attend the Head of the American: https://www.icrew.club/sessionattendancechange.php?crewOrg=NSBR&crewPlanSAID=73e1ca1c-e799-44a9-b3a5-0dc82e07a843&inout=0

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